Black Walnut Springs Exotics

Specializing in Foundation Pure Watusi
DNA for parentage and genetic markers on file with Zoetis for all BWS
and BWS owned animals from 2012 to current.

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These are a few of our other animals

Powder, struttin' his stuff.

Torre with her Dwarf Nigerian Goats.

Torre and Baby Goat
We have Dwarf Nigerian Goats available.

Ellie, the farm dog.

Colorful Llama's

Colorful Appaloosa Cria

Young American Bison Herd

Gentle, young Grant Zebra herd.

Former zebras (we no longer have any)

Colorful, gentle Mini Donkey herd.
Babies available.

Royal Palm Tom Turkey

Torre and Dora

Torre and Ellie

Gentle Zebra mare and newborn foal.

Zeek - our former Zebra stud.

Kids and a Zebra foal.

Mini Donkeys and kids--they go well together.

A gentle, trusting Zebra mare and newborn foal.

Our little Cowgirl.

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